My Name is Craig Damlo

Welcome to, where I keep my digital life. This is my landing page which will lead you to my stuff.

My Career

To see infomration about my career, see my resume hosted on LinkedIn.


My Passion

I have a passion for problem solving. Let me help you solve your problems.

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My Blog

Great innovations start with great ideas, and great ideas start with great imaginations.

Igniting Innovation

My Images

I have a collection of images for commercial use represented by Getty Images

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My Photos

I sell many of my images as prints, as well as shoot local high school sports. Find those photographs at Damlo Shots.

Damlo Shots

My Shots

To see all my photographs, go to my Flickr account for constantly updated images.


My Life

I keep a micro-blog on the Tumblr website. It is mostly just a collection of images I post from my phone and other things I find ammusing on the web.


My Tweets

My thoughts a 142 characters or less at a time.


My Hobby

Amatuer radio seems to appeal to my scientific/engineering mindset.


Links to things I like:

Damlo Edits The best editing and writing services for medical and scientific fields.

No Agenda A show that assasinates the media and analysis government legislation.

Damlo Does Damlo Does, LLC.